Create Angular 4.3 Project Using Angular-cli

By Haider Malik / October 12, 2017

1) Create Angular Project

You can choose any name. I don’t need to install the dependency right now because I want to install Angular 4.3.0 version. Let me show you how can you install them. Open the project. I am going to use Visual Studio code.I have successfully opened the project in Visual Studio code.

Let me open the package.json. The angular-cli has installed 4.2.4 version. I am going to change manually the version 4.3.0. You have to replace 4.2.4 to 4.3.0 if you want to use HTTPClient you must install angular version 4.3.0.

2) Install Angular4.3

I would like to show you how to use interceptors in Angular. Now I am going to install the dependencies by using yarn install. You can also install dependency by using npm install. It is installing 4.3.0 version it will take some time to install the dependencies.


  • You have learned how to create Angular project using Angular-cli
  • I have also shown you how to replace the Angular4.2 to Angular4.3.0
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